In February, you had the chance to 226ERS Sports Nutrition trial package. You can order 226ERS products on www.triathlonworld.nl with 15% discount. Just use the code 226TEAMZOOT during checkout after February 20th. If you struggle with the page's language settings, we recommend using Google's Chrome browser and enabling its translation feature.


226ERS stands for healthy food. Good sports nutrition is essential to stay in top shape, both physically and mentally. All products are gluten-free, developed almost entirely with natural ingredients and components and contain little to no sugar.

226ERS | Feed Your Dreams
226 is the distance in kilometers of the world's greatest challenge; the distance of the full distance triathlon. 226ERS is a philosophy, a way of life. With the ambition to keep improving, at all times. Pursuing goals that initially seemed impossible. 226ERS supports international athletes like Patrick Lange and the Movistar Cycling team.

'Feed your dreams' is the brand's slogan. It is a mission that is applied in everything. Not only in the products, but also in everything they do. We share this mission as the Benelux team. As triathlon fanatics, we are constantly looking for innovation and improvement. With this new 226ERS brand, we believe that we are taking a good step in this direction.

All our products are gluten free, developed almost entirely with natural ingredients and components. Without added sugars. Also we have a lot of vegan products in our assortment!


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Team Zoot