Swiss Side wheels are enginereed and designed in Switzerland, making no compromises in quality, focusing on delivering the ultimate in performance at a fair and affordable price.

The coupon code SWISSSIDEZOOT will give you an extra 10% discount on all carbon wheelsets, excluding the rear disc.

Below are two examples of products you can purchase from Swiss Side.

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HADRON² Ultimate 800 Disc Brake

Fast, faster, fastest! And even faster than the previous Ironman World Championship winning HADRON Ultimate 800 model. Specific for time trial and triathlon racing, the 80mm deep profile is engineered to deliver maximum speed and thrust in medium to low wind conditions whilst maintaining predictable, stable handling in the gusty conditions, comparible with competitor wheels 20mm shallower.

HADRON² Ultimate 625 Disc Brake

Maximum aerodynamic performance with the widest operational range, the HADRON² Ultimate 625 aero wheels are designed for absolute maximum overall performance for road racing on any course profile, as well as for unmatched all-wind condition performance in time trial and triathlon. The 20mm inner rim width is optimum for minimum rolling resistance with 25mm and 28mm tyres and remains compatible with even wider tyres.