Swiss Side

Swiss Side wheels are enginereed and designed in Switzerland, making no compromises in quality, focusing on delivering the ultimate in performance at a fair and affordable price.


JetBlack supply many quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

At JetBlack they design and manufacture our own cycling products and distribute them world-wide. JetBlack products are designed for riders, by riders. Innovation and affordability is the heartbeat of JetBlack.


OTTO was founded in 2016 by a small group of bike lovers and product innovators who set out to develop clever products for the bike and outdoor market. The result was the OTTOLOCK brand with its full range of LIGHT portable locks and accessories. The OTTO team values innovation, customer service and commitment and looks forward to working with customers.


PARAX develops and produces high-quality Bike Racks for you and your bike. In the manufacture of the Bike Racks, they rely on the highest quality by processing wood and metal. Only in this way you get a sustainable, durable product with a quality that is worth its price. An exclusive Edition was designed especially for Team Zoot. MADE WITH PASSION IN GERMANY

The Magic 5

THEMAGIC5 creates custom fit swimming goggles, made to measure the unique contours of your face.

Form Swim

Swim goggles with a smart display. See the metrics you need in the moment. Take control of your swim. Contact your team captain for discount code.


Maximize your speed, vision, and protection with Smith. Contact your team captain with info on how to sign up for the team discount through Smith

PSR Recovery



We know exactly what medical devices are all about - and we know what athletes require. With Professional Sports Recovery, we combine exactly this know-how into our products that really help athletes get ahead. This is because they are medically proven, provide effective recovery and are easy to use all in one.

Fokus Diagnostik

Welcome to Fokus:DiagnostikPerformance diagnosis by an experienced team for health and performance-oriented athletes

As a global provider of performance analysis, our practice focuses on individualized services in the areas of physical exercise, endurance sports and health.

Masters of Tri


We assess and notice those subtle, almost imperceptible differences that can change any triathlete’s performance.

We advise, inch by inch, to develop the athlete, building their strength and endurance, accelerating them towards their goals.

The best coaches don’t shout, they inspire, they keep it simple, they notice the little things that create great change and anable optimal performance to be achieved.


The hyperice suite of products help to relieve tension, unlock sore muscles, and prime your body and mind to be at their best, so you can always find the simple fun in doing what you love to do, more.