Race Calendar 2024

Do you want to know where your fellow teammates are toeing the line?

To help you meet around a race and share experiences, we have created a list for each region to connect you. Click on yours and ask your captain for the password. You will find a link that brings you to your race calendar.

How To Use the Race Calendar

If you can find your race:
Just put in an x for participants, s for supporters, or m for maybe.

If you CANNOT find your race:
Add your race to the list after column G.

Any other type of event which is not a race has to be recorded in the separate sheet "events". The procedure is the same.

I need help adding my race, or event.
Please reach out to your captain. 
Links to the regions
Team Zoot Austria
Team Zoot Germany North
Team Zoot Germany
Team Zoot Germany South
Team Zoot BeNeLux
Team Zoot Europe
Team Zoot France North
Team Zoot France South
Team Zoot Italy
Team Zoot Scandinavia
Team Zoot Switzerland
Team Zoot United Kingdom and Ireland