2nd Annual Team Zoot Beer Mile

With the 2nd annual Team Zoot beer mile fast approaching on Saturday, 22nd October, it is time for a few details.


A brief recap on the rules; it is 1mile (4x laps of your local 400m athletics track or similar). Before you start, you need 4x chug-cups of beer (your choice) ready to drink. It's the athlete's choice what beer you drink, full alcohol or alcohol-free, but it must be!

When you are ready, we start the stopwatch, then begin drinking your first beer, followed by 1x lap of the track (repeat four times), stopping the watch once the mile is complete (4 laps). The first annual Team Zoot beer mile started with 15+ of us in London last year; we ran it in several heats, allowing for plenty of team support, and cheering. 


Basic rules, you must drink 4x chug cups; you can run / walk / dance, but you can't vomit. Vomiting the beer means immediate DQ 😂


If you are running at a local track or park, please, please, please respect other users; we aren't just representing ourselves, we are representing the Zoot Ohana and brand, and we don't need any complaints. 


But where and when? Get in touch with your teammates, and captain. Find your captain and region HERE. Meet up at a sport of your choice, have fun, and share the pictures.